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SchoolHouse creates the perfect environment for your students to learn, debate and engage with each other to achieve the best results.

Wall where the students can post questions and interesting material and communicate with the class


Peer-coaching Wall

Students become teaching assistants and all the class can benefit from each other's doubts and explanations.

Notes that students can edit collaboratively so as to build a common source of study material


Collaborative Class Notes

Students take notes and build the study material together, learning from the process.

Students also learn by creating new exercises. A win-win for everyone


Unlimited Practice

Students answer exercises and contribute new ones, which increases the available material to practice.

Every course has a ranking to see how students are doing


Gamification meets the Classroom

Students are evaluated by their peers, their teachers and our platform's AI, increasing their engagement and providing an accurate picture of their progress.

You want your classroom to thrive.We want to help you get there.

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