Transformative educational technology

SchoolHouse is a learning platform that improves student results and teaching quality


Teachers' efficiency,
our focus at SchoolHouse

Available everywhere

SchoolHouse works on every device and is built to resist low Internet speeds (even offline).

Full Customization

Teachers can adapt the platform to their particular methodology and integrate it with their favorite tools.

Continuous Assessment

SchoolHouse provides teachers with a deeper understanding of their students' progress and needs through detailed and reliable reports.

Interactive Lessons

In just a few minutes, teachers can turn their slides into interactive presentations with live exercises and quizes that keep students engaged. Discover our Live Lessons™

Custom implementation for every institution

SchoolHouse can be used as a standalone product, or combined with other educational software and learning management systems.

We offer custom integration and maintenance services to:

  • Control who has access to the platform
  • Manage courses and members automatically
  • Train your teachers
  • Export relevant data about student performance and progress
... and more

Transparent plans that won't get
in the way of teaching

Teachers and instructors

5 courses at a time

WallAsk questions, discuss and share information like you would on a social network.

Team exercisesPromote research and teamwork asking your students to create their own exercises and to answer their classmates'

Live LessonsAdd exercises to your presentations to keep your audience engaged and see their answers in real time.

Announcements and NotificationsNotify your students of important events or assignments. We make sure your message gets across.

GamificationReward daily activity and drive up motivation and results.


Teacher plan for all your employees

Automated LMSSave time managing who has access to SchoolHouse and assigning teachers and students to their courses.

Seamless IntegrationCombine SchoolHouse with your current tools and get the most out of it

Training and Priority SupportGet your employees up to speed and help them solve their questions and issues fast.

Data and Quality AssuranceObtain accurate data about your students' progress and ensure your teaching success.