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SchoolHouse takes learning beyond the classroom. Stimulate peer collaboration, track student progress, and boost your teaching results!

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Students learn by collaborating

Stimulate Peer Collaboration

Sharing, debating ideas and learning together are our core values.

Professors know how students progress

Track Student Progress

We give you the best tools to get to know your students and fine-tune your teaching strategy.

Everybody enjoys better learning outcomes

Boost Teaching Results

Foster a positive culture where your students learn more, get better grades and enjoy the ride

Advantages of using SchoolHouse

SchoolHouse is the best way to make sure all your students are getting the best experience and results.

Students love SchoolHouse

Student Happiness

When surveyed, 91% of our students showed us their love for the platform.

Students share and help each other more than before


Active learning and collaboration mean students are constantly participating.

Students spend more time learning


SchoolHouse motivates students to go the extra mile and dedicate more time and energy.

Gamification and rankings keep students motivated and aware of their progress

Progress Awareness

Gamification and rankings keep students motivated and aware of their progress.

Better final grades

Learning Outcomes

Students learn more and get better grades than courses with traditional methodologies.

A better learning experience in 3 easy steps


Build Your Course

Adapt it to your teaching methodology and objectives.


Invite Your Students

Your students will be able to join from any device in just a few minutes.


Monitor Their Progress

Watch and improve your students' progress continuously.

You want your classroom to thrive.We want to help you get there.

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